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Playsafe Mouthguards have created a self impression system so now custom made professional mouthguards can be made in the comfort of your own home. No more waiting in dentist waiting rooms or waiting around on registration days for your impression. Playsafe Mouthguards are convenient, highest quality and an affordable price.


Custom Made Mouthguards are available for various sports such as AFL, Boxing, Hockey, Roller Derby, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Soccer and Waterpolo and can be provided Australia wide.

To assure you the comfort, protection and ease of wearing a Playsafe Mouthguard, every Playsafe Mouthguard is custom fabricated specifically for you.

Our patented Playsafe self adjusting tray was developed in Australia, and was tested and verified in Europe to solve the problem of variations in mouth size by self adjusting to fit all players from juniors to adult competitors. It’s now simple to make an accurate dentist quality impression in your own home rather than the hassle of going to a dentist.

A genuine Playsafe Mouthguard is always laminated (a minimum of two layers), has your contact details permanently sealed on the inside of the mouthguard, comes in its own branded hygienic carry case.

An outline of the self impression process:

  1. Select the mouthguard type and colour(s) and order your Self Impression Kit online.
  2. Your kit will be sent to your home within 5 days via Australia post.
  3. Watch the enclosed DVD (or view online) for an overview of the Self Impression System. Make your own Dentist quality impression by following the simple process in real time. Place your impression in the pre-paid mailing box and drop in any Australian post box for delivery to our laboratory.
  4. Your Playsafe Mouthguard will be returned to you via Australia Post within 7 working days.

Health fund rebates are generally available for playsafe mouthguards. A complete invoice for claiming will be sent with your finished mouthguard.

Care Instructions

Your mouthguard should only be washed in warm water and soap. Rinse well before and after each use. Do not place it in direct sunlight or hot locations. If your mouthguard becomes loose, tight or cause you any discomfort please contact Playsafe immediately. Further instructions are included with your Playsafe Mouthguard.

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