Sports Medicine AustraliaSports Medicine Australia - Sports Medicine Australia is a national multidisciplinary organisation committed to enhancing the health of all Australian’s through safe participation in sport, recreation and physical activity

Martial Arts - Self Defence - Enjoy the most empowering self-defence training, with the best mma mixed martial arts techniques, great discount martial arts supplies, top quality all sports fitness training equipment, universal self-defence tips for women, men and kids and self defence classes with martial arts Australia classes directory.

Australian Martial Art GuideMartial Arts - Australian Martial Art Guide - Martial Arts in Australia and throughout the world is large and complex, with so many different systems and teachers. Australian Martial Art Guide is the complete web guide that helps students search for instructors in Australia and overseas, Information on martial arts, helps teachers advertise their martial art to Australia and the world and is Australia's Martial Art directory for Martial Art. - All great fighters need high quality, comfortable gear and you will find the best brands from Japan, the UK and USA all available in one Australian location. has been created to offer Australian's the best MMA gear the world has to offer in one place, all at the lowest possible price.

Aus-BoxingAus-Boxing ( - Previews, News Articles, Live Updates, Interviews, Schedules, Videos, Photos and more on the world of Boxing both in Australia and abroad.


IDM SportsIDM Sports - - IDM Sports is one of Australia's largest sporting goods manufacturers and importers of a range of products including an A-Z range of sporting goods , a full range of team clothing and a comprehensive list of Sports medicine and Sports first aid products. Based in South Australia with agents throughout Australia (including Queensland ) we distribute to Schools, Clubs & Allied Health professionals.

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