Frequently Asked Questions

Which mouthguard do I choose?

The Playsafe Light mouthguard is recommended for children under 13 as its flexible and with growing teeth will last as longer. Playsafe Medium is recommended for 13+ up to adults as it’s an excellent all rounder mouthguard. Playsafe Light Pro has the advantage of being extremely strong but thin so is ideal for senior AFL, junior hockey and rugby. Playsafe Heavy Pro is our most protective mouthguard. Recommended for sports where extremely hard and pointed impacts may be received by the jaw such as Senior Rugby and Hockey.

How long will my mouthguard last?

Mouthguards last between a season and 2-3 years depending on the age of the player. Children up to the age of 15 usually require new mouthguards every year. Older children and adults may not grow, but the mouthguard will wear down and should be checked every year and depending on usage may need to be changed.

My child has missing/erupting/loose teeth?

Once your impression arrives our technicians check the impressions and models for teeth which are yet to erupt and 'block out' the models, i.e. create extra space for the new teeth to erupt. Loose teeth are no problem either, once they fall out there will automatically be room from the old tooth for the new one.

What if I muck up the self impression system?

The self impression system is very easy. It’s actually hard to “muck up” if the instructions are followed. In the rare case of a “bad impression” (which our technicians check before making any playsafe mouthguard) we will send another kit out free of charge immediately and put a rush on your mouthguard.

What if my child has braces or a fixed plate?

Children with braces or a fixed plate cannot use Playsafe self impression system. Alternatively a number on dentists can provide you with a playsafe mouthguard. Click the link below to find your nearest dentist.

What if my child has a removable plate?

Removable plates must be removed before taking the impression and whilst wearing the mouthguard.

What if my mouthguard doesn’t fit?        

In rare cases mouthguards are to loose or don’t fit properly. In this case we will remake one and rush it for you ensuing your not missing training sessions/games.

How do I clean my mouthguard?

Your mouthguard should only be washed in warm water and soap. Rise well before and after each use.

Can I claim back on my Playsafe Mouthguard?

Health fund rebates are generally available for playsafe mouthguards. A complete invoice for claiming will be sent with your finished mouthguard.

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