Mouthguard Types and Prices

Depending on the age of the player and the sport played we recommend different mouthguard types.


For Junior Players up to 13 years

A state of the art multi-laminated mouthguard that is flexible for growing teeth. The light guard is a great introduction to mouthguards for junior players. Generally recommended for ages up to 13 years.


For Young Adults/Adults

For adults and young adults. A strong durable mouthguard featuring classic custom dual laminate technology. Suitable for senior school and adult club sports. An excellent all round mouthguard for the majority of older competitors.

Light Pro

For Adults/Professional Athletes

Our new mouthguard design. Made from three layers. A great choice for players who require an easy to wear mouthguard with very high impact distribution properties. Suitable for sports such as AFL, Junior Hockey and Junior Rugby. 

Heavy Pro

For Adults/Professional Athletes

Three Layers. For sports where extremely hard and pointed impacts may be received by the jaw. Independently tested and proven to be “The worlds most protective mouthguard” . Particularly suited to extremely high impact sports such as Senior Rugby and Hockey. 


For an additional $15 players can mix & match from 15 base colours, 8 freestyle colours & graphic designs.

Colours shown are to be used as a guide only. Actual colours may vary slightly from those displayed on this website.
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