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Bevan George - Kookaburras (Australian Hockey Team)

Great fit, I love my mouthguard. My mouthguard is really easy to talk with and fits perfectly. There was no discomfort whilst taking the impression and I’m extremely happy with my playsafe mouthguard.

Liam De Young - Kookaburras (Australian Hockey Team)

My Playsafe Mouthguard was a perfect fit. The impression process was easy and my mouthguard is very comfortable and light weight. The service was great, fast and the whole process in general was easier than I thought.  

Adam Hunter - West Coast Eagles (AFL)

I have been hit several times while playing football and I’ve found this mouthguard has protected my teeth extremely well. The service was fantastic and helpful with lots of options for mouthguard types and colours. On the field I forget that I’m wearing my mouthguard because it’s so comfortable

Dean Cox - West Coast Eagles (AFL)

Playsafe Mouthguards are always a perfect fit with professional and prompt service. My mouthguard is light and comfortable and I have had no problems with it falling out while I’m playing or training. It has maintained its shape and after many heavy hits to the mouth I have had no problems.

Chris O'Young - Western Force (Super 14 Rugby)

My Playsafe Mouthguard is really comfortable and fits well. Its strong enough to protect me against heavy hits but still allows me to speak without the guard falling out and breathe easily. The service was fast and really reliable.

Kerry - Diamond Creek, Victoria (29/06/11)


I am glad you sent me an email as it reminded me that I should be the one writing to thank your company for supplying such a great product! I have two boys aged 13 and 16 and for the past 10 years have been purchasing two mouth guards for each of them through a local denture/mouthguard person.

I must say that your product is as good or if not better than the product I have been paying around $180-$200 per mouthguard for all this time. The mouthguards that we get also don’t offer nearly as many colours as you do and have name only not the phone number - I think this is a great idea!

Mat’s mouthguard fits absolutely perfectly and he can’t believe that it actually stay’s in his mouth!!

Once again, I wish to thank you for providing such a great product which I found to be so much more convenient and quicker than the old fashion way and all this at a competitive price!

I will definitely be ordering again next year should Mat or Danny require new mouthguards. As my husband is a local footy and basketball coach, I will most definitely be passing on your company name to our many basketball and football friends.

Kind Regards


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